party yourself into shape!


Wear any type of exercise clothing…anything comfortable, loose and cool. The classes are popular, the room can heat up fast, so

consider dressing in layers that you can remove. Wear cross-trainers or dance shoes, something that will support you. Running shoes are not advisable.

It is also important for you to bring water with you and maybe a small towel.


The class will last 1 hour inclusive of warming up and cooling down/stretching. We always have beginners attending. The Instructor may break down some steps but as you attend each week you will pick up the steps and your levels of fitness will increase.

You must go at your own pace and listen to your body.

Our zumba classes are all about Keeping fit to a mixture of many types of dance forms from Salsa, Calypso, Bollywood, Flamenco, Tango, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Country, Jazz, Rock n Roll and many many more and all within a PARTY ATMOSPHERE. You are here to have FUN. The classes are fun and relaxed with easy to follow steps and open to all shapes and sizes, for young and SPREAD THE WORD!


Anyone over the age of 13 years. Zumba really is for EVERYONE..all ages, genders and sizes. Just bring a smile with you. Be patient with yourself whilst you learn the moves. If you find hand/arm co-ordination difficult to begin with, then just use your legs, learn the steps and add arms the following week or when you feel ready to…remember this is YOUR workout and YOUR body.


All classes cost £5 (or 10 lessons for £40). We have new offers available throughout the year so join our facebook page, where offers will be listed as and when available or email to subscribe to our zumba newsletter.